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Breakfast & Lunch Evrryday 6:00AM - 2:00PM

Fish Fry ***** All You Can Eat ***** Evry Wednesday and Friday 11AM - 2PM


I LOVED THIS DINER! Was simple, fast, yummy, and comfortable! I thought it was decently clean, the atmosphere was ideal, the menu was very simple yet full of options, and the food was brought out quickly and deliciously. The waitress was sweet and non evasive. I really have no...
Rhyss Leary
This is the kind of place I enjoy. Mainly a breakfast place but serves lunch. It is a down home friendly mom and pop with tasty food the way you expect at fair prices and served up quickly and with a smile. They tend to have early bird specials so come early. Servers are...
Mary Ann Spinazzolo
I had their basic burger, and it was by far one of the best I have eaten in a long time. They taste homemade. The fries were good but a bit greasy. They tasted like old oil, but I doused them in ranch and all was good. The wait times here are generally long, so be prepared. Will...
Angela Small
We moved to Phoenix almost 3 years ago. We pass by this place all the time. We decided to try it today. The fish was fresh, piping hot and tasty. Our waiter Andrew was the best!! Needless to say we will not be passing by anymore. I cant wait to try the breakfast.
cruisin36 Shell
I like this place for its basic diner food. Portions are big so come hungry. The service is quick and so is the food, but tasty. It's sort of like a Denny's but not as crowded. It is a hang-out for hot rod guys. Look up at all the pictures of past hot rod visitors.
Paula E.
Discovered this through a friends suggestion. The interior is very cute and the 50's music playing suggests bopping your head along to the music. We went...